Welcome to my studio

A deep and soulful female voice

In three languages & a host of characters

ARABIC (Classical & Levantine)

ENGLISH (Standard-international/ American) 

 & DUTCH (with an accent you just can’t place) 

Versatile  .  Creative  .  Playful 

More than twenty years of acting and performing arts experience

+ A writer with higher education in Psychology & Consciousness Studies; thus versed in the jargon.

Home studio
Microphone: mojave 50 
Editing: Garage band -for now – exploring Reaper & Avid to see which suits me best,
*If you’re a sound engineer and want to collaborate, contact me.


  • Fantasy Books
  • Nature documentaries
  • Children’s stories & Characters
  • Socially & environmentally responsible ads/commercials
  • English novels with Arabic influence
  • Arabic pros & poetry
  • Psychology & Dream studies
  • Meditation, spiritual & Self help 

Raw audio samples

Ibreh wa Ketchteben 
 إبرة وكشتبان – بقلم فادي زغموت
Arabic fiction – audio book  

Asheq by Ibrahim Nasser :   عاشق – شعر بالفصحى
Classical Arabic – pros poetry 

Documentary sample – Bees. Classical ARABIC 
وثائقي – النحل. بالعربية الفصحى

(Chocolate) Commercial VO & Characters  – ARABIC  
دعاية – شخصيات متنوعة – باللعربية الفصحى والعاميه/ الاردن – فلسطين

The Creepy Crawlies, by L.Nasser. 
English – children’s book. 


More sample coming soon… one day at a time …

The spoken word

Dabbling into the world of podcasting...

mainly to learn my audio equipment and train my voice...

From the above experiment of podcasting, I discovered that

I' rather read-out-loud than talk-about-things-out-loud

But podcasting does have a value. In 2021, I’ll be launching a dutch podcast series around the cat Shabby… de Shabby gespreken.

Thus said narration and voice acting is the main purpose of the studio: Narrating Books… fantasy – adult and children, dream studies, meditation… &
Narrating documentaries, on animals, cartoons for film would also be fun.

Want to hear me narrate your book or documentary?

Send me an e-mail with your request.