Welcome to my studio

A deep and soulful female voice

In three languages & a host of characters

ARABIC (Classical & Levantine)

ENGLISH (Standard-international/ American) 

 & DUTCH (with an accent you just can’t place) 

Versatile  .  Creative  .  Playful 

بنت إبراهيم

Bint Ibrahim 

More than twenty years of acting and performing arts experience

+ A writer, translator and researcher with higher education in Psychology & Consciousness Studies; thus versed in the jargon.

Home studio
Mojave 50  & Shure SM7B & Zoom H5

Editing: Audacity & GarageBand… might dabble into Adobe but we’ll see. I’d rather narrate than edit (and open to collaborate with a sound/editing magician.) 


Audio Samples


A mixed demo – from audio books and characters, to commercials and phone-prompts. 

Ibrah wa Kushtubaan 
 إبرة وكشتبان – بقلم فادي زغموت

Segments from “A needle and a thimble” Arabic fiction, written by Fadi Zaghmout – complete audio book released @ SOWT.  


Segment from ‘Min Ghubaar al-ayyam’ من غبار الأيام
Classical Arabic – pros poetry 

(Chocolate) Commercial VO & Characters  – ARABIC  
دعاية – شخصيات متنوعة – باللعربية الفصحى والعاميه/ الاردن – فلسطين


Narration (and writing) for the Dream Mapping Project (Oregon 2019)

The Creepy Crawlies, by L.Nasser.
 children’s book.

What I love to narrate:

  • Fantasy Books
  • Nature documentaries
  • Children’s stories & Characters
  • Psychology & Dream studies
  • Meditation, spiritual & Self help 
  • Socially & environmentally responsible ads/commercials
  • English novels with Arabic influence
  • Arabic pros & poetry

A snapshot Resume


To narrate books and documentaries with meaningful content and positive messages.

To voice socially and environmentally responsible advertisements and programming

To give voice to unforgettable characters and bring them into life. 



2022: Audio book (Arabic), Min Ghubaar al-Ayyam, by Ibrahim Nasser.
2021: Audio book(Arabic) Ibrah wa Kushtuban by Fadi Zaghmout (available on SOWT in 2022) 
2018-2021: Spoken word for several Dream Mapping Project films.
2020: Podcasting @Soundcloud: ArabWomanTalking & BintIbrahim
2007- 2008: Voice over & Translation: Mosaic News from The Middle East, Link TV, San Francisco.
1999-2006: Tokyo TV: Calbee America Snappeas commercial; Lifetime TV commercial (Silence/Rape), Jordan telecommunications; Zoar Dead Sea Products Infomercial; Buttler Films: Voices Rising (English, Arabic & French narration); Pachamama alliance; Mckkan Erikson, CPV, InterNation Inc.

1998 -current:  Storyteller, performing artist, actor, dancer and choreographer with credits across the USA, The Netherlands, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Luxembourg, Sweden, Algeria.
2009-2021: Acting & storytelling instructor for young professionals.
Leading community workshops on writing, creativity and human rights for refugees, underprivileged and at-risk populations.

The spoken word

Dabbling into the world of podcasting...

exploring different styles and moods while learning the ropes of editing in 2020.