A play for Climate Change Theater Action: 2019

“The Butterfly that persisted”: an ode to nature, the ultimate warrior that persisted to exist and abound – in spite of everything. And to the human being that persisted to envision and strive for betterment, taking action no matter how small.
Written for one or more (female) performers, 

It’s one thing when you think your work is good and another when others also agree. With fifty plays to choose from, I am grateful that my play has found several podiums upon which to be shared. 

The Butterfly that persisted has been thus far described:

‘Beautifully poetic’ Chantal Bilodeau (Artistic director of the Arctic Cycle.)

Dynamic and haunting.’ Vivian Cook (Iowa State University CCTA plays director.) 

#TheButterflyThatPersisted performance dates:

15 Sept. @ Bridport and West pop-up Fringe: In the car exhibition, performed by Sally Lemsford. UK
19 Sept. @ The University of Rhode Island Providence Campus. USA
10 October @ Iowa State University theatre & 13 October at the public library in Ames – Iowa – USA. 
14 October & 3 Nov. @ University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia
24 October with Hudson River playback theater @ New Paltz, New York. 
4 Nov. @ The Unicorn Theater, Kansas. 
8 Nov. @ The First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches, FL – USA
8 Nov. East 15 Acting School, Clifftown Theatre-Studio 1, Essex, UK.
17 Nov. Agartala, Tripura, India.
20 Nov. Young Womxn’s Voices for Climate. University of Colorado, Boulder, CO- USA
22 & 23 & 24 Nov. The Martin Theater, Chicago, IL – USA
23 Nov. New Bedford Whaling Museum Theater, New Bedford, MA – USA
25 Nov. Eckerd College Wireman Chapel, St. Petersburg, FL- USA.
30 Nov. Dance Spree Greenfield, MA- USA.
3 Dec. Siena College, 
Loudonville, NY- USA
7 Dec. The Arlene Francis Center for Art, Politics and Spirit, Santa Rosa, CA – USA
7 Dec. Ruth Marder Studio Theater, Towson, MD – USA
10 Dec. Kean University, NJ- USA
14 Dec. West Palm Beach, FL – USA
14 Dec. National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai, India
15 Dec. Iowa State University, USA.
15 Dec. The Earl McCarroll Studio Theatre, Ithaca, NY – USA.
18 Dec. Abbey Studio, British Columbia- Canada
21 Dec. Common Street Spiritual Center, Natick, MA – USA

* Full listing of performances of my play and other CCTA plays could be found at CCTA2019 website

On 21 December, I will be audio-performing The Butterfly that Persisted to launch my podcast ‘Arab Woman Talking.’ If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll receive an update and – if I figure out how – you will be invited to log in live. 

Headshot by Olimpia Dior

#ClimateChangeTheatreAction is an initiative by Arctic Cycle, and includes 200+ worldwide representations of short climate change plays from playwrights around the world, coinciding with the UN Santiago climate change conference in Chile.
CCTA is a global participatory initiative. Anyone can organise an event. Click here for info.

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