Spring to summer ...

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So much to be thankful for...

The sound booth is up and running. My first audio book is contracted. Choreography for the passion play has been concluded. Facilitation of a writing workshop is underway. The latest Dream Mapping project has been released. And the first swarm of bees this year has been born – PLUS A Dream weaving workshop is scheduled for August 2021….. read below:  

Sound booth is up and running

With my first audio book coming up later in the summer: 

‘Ibreh wa kishtban’ by Fadi Zaghmout. 

إبرة وكشتبان

تأليف فادي زغموت * قراءة لانا ناصر

Look for it on Storytel (it will also be available on my site as well as Fadi’s for sale as audio book.)   

Would you like me to narrate your book or documentary? 
Listen to some demos on my VOICE page, send me a sample to read, and I will gladly send you an audition. 

Schrijfwerkplaats voor nieuwkomers

Started giving writing workshops for migrants/new-dutch men and women in the charming city of Roermond, in collaboration with poet Merlijn Huntjens. The workshop will culminate in the production of a book that highlights the works of our talented and inspiring participants. 

De passiespelen

I had the honour and pleasure of choreographing dance/movement elements for the Passion Play in Tegelen, which – after a delay of a year and against all odds – is having its premier in the first weekend of July 2021. 

Image: Metatron cubes by Kate Alderton 

The latest DREAM Mapping Project Creation

Presented at the IASD virtual conference in June, was a creative synthesis of dreams, written and narrated by yours truly. Unlike previous DMP residencies which took place in person, this round was done purely in ‘audio’ on ClubHouse – a new platform which I have to admit I very much like.  

And last but not least...

I had my first swarm of bees (on the same day the king and queen of the Netherlands were visiting a rehearsal of De passiespelen, mind you) Since then, the bees have been housed in their new home – a top bar hive – and have been given their name: The HOUSE OF WILLOW. 

Dream Weaving

A woman's new moon retreat

In the landscape of the psyche in a magical forest in Limburg

From the 6th – 8th August 2021  

A women’s retreat @ Maskan Aat, embodying dreams and delving into the imaginal realms. Limited participation. Contact for details and registration information.