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AWT Episode 1: The Butterfly That Persisted

Mark your calendars: 21.12.2019 @ 16:33 CET – the 1st episode of #ArabWomanTalking with #TheButterflyThatPersisted a short play written for #ClimateChangeTheaterAction 2019 performed by the playwright Lana I Nasser & followed by a talk about mother earth, the feminine principle and peace. Tune in on soundcloud.com/arabwomantalking To learn about the herstory of Arab Woman Talking… click here. 

A play for Climate Change Theater Action: 2019

“The Butterfly that persisted”: an ode to nature, the ultimate warrior that persisted to exist and abound – in spite of everything. And to the human being that persisted to envision and strive for betterment, taking action no matter how small.Written for one or more (female) performers,  It’s one thing when you think your work …

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