Shabby en het wezen van de regenboog

Shabby and the essence of the rainbow...

This book, my first born, about a cat from another dimension that finds herself on the roof of a little city (een statdje in Limburg) – and the adventure she takes, with a rainbow boy, a circus elephant, a cat addicted to milk with existential fears, a statue in love with a river, chickens in a tanning saloon… and so on. A commentary on the multicultural and multidimensional society, from the eyes of a new-arrival – a cat from somewhere else… (a bit of me in there – I guess.)

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Listen to the story of Shabby in English

Abridged and narrated by the author L.Nasser, aka me.
Sent to you as an mp3. Lenght: 56 minutes. 


160 pages. Hardcover. Publications date: 2020.  
Dutch language. Illustrated by Isabella El Hasan. 

The Butterfly that Persisted

A short play commissioned by Climate Change Theatre Action 2019. Published in the anthology ‘Lighting the way’ eds: Chantal Bilodeau & Thomas Peterson (2020.)  

The play was performed in 24 cities across the world during the climate Change theatre Action 2020, and is still being performed internationally. Most recently, at (Ohio Northern University) Read more about the play on the Bulletin

In the Lost and Found: Red suitcase

حقيبة حمراء : في غرفة المفقودات

"I was not always a woman, an Arab or a Muslim, these things only came in time, at first I thought I was just… insan: human.”

A bilingual – multi character monodrama for one female voice. 
A daring socio-political commentary in the era of the Arab Spring. A woman’s journey through language, religion and the media, challenging the status quo, making new meaning and finding autonomy (2010-2012).

Winner of the 2011 Etel Adnan Award for Arab Women Playwrights. It has been ranslated into Polish and published in Dialog.

De Paardenbloemkamer

Short-story in het boek: 4321… Lees: Verdwalen in Verhalen. Redactie Willebord de Winter. (2017)

Tell a tale: My voice my story

A training manual to use Applied Theatre as a tool to address Human Rights issues and Women’s rights. (2012) University of Jordan Press (co-written with Dr Fadi Skieker.)

Chapters and Essays:

 “Aat and The Apple Peel” Min Fami: Arab Feminist Reflections on Identity, Space and Resistance. Ghadeer Malek and Ghaida Moussa (2014)

“Bedouin Dream Traditions” (2012) Encyclopedia of Sleep and DreamsD. Barrett and P. McNamara, Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood Publishers.

“The Jinn: Companion in the Realm of Dreams and Imagination” (2009) Dreaming in Christianity and Islam: Culture, Conflict, and Creativity. Adams, Bulkeley & Davis. Rutgers University Press.

“The Typical Dreams of Jordanian College Students” [co-written with Kelly Bulkeley] (2009) Dreaming in Christianity and Islam: Culture, Conflict, and Creativity. Adams, Bulkeley & Davis. Rutgers University Press.

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