A selection of recent performances and personal favorites

Integratie Cursus 1:

Cabaret performances about being an “allochtoon” in the Netherlands; an Arab woman trying to integrate… to little success, of wel?

Language: Dutch <> Arabic and a bit of English.
* In collaboration with Cees Rullens – St. Makdam Theater.

Teasers presented at Limburgs Museum (DNA Van Limburg) 2017 & 2018 ; Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg (Het Geluk/Gelijk van Limburg) and De Internationale Vrouwendag – Venlo (2017)


Turaab: Arabic for Sand, Soil, Cemetery.

A life span of a woman from childhood to the grave, navigating the way through questions of gods’ promised lands, but the maps are drawn in the sand and the desert wind moves them. The guiding books are no longer there. Only the inner voice remains. A dance without music, a play without words, but where everything is said.

Language: None
*In collaboration with Cees Rullens – St. Makdam Theater.)

``... clearly conceived and beautifully executed... A commanding presence... a spine-tingling performance with a message of resonating urgency... With no musical or vocal accompaniment, Nasser weaves metaphors of eternity, ancient memories, mystery and magic to captivate the audience with a powerful and personal story of feminine awakening, struggles with patriarchal authority and issues of survival. Speaking truth to power, “Turaab” captures something vital in the fabric of the Mideast experience manifested through the language of dance. It is Nasser’s gift to us.``

Kathleen Kingsley, Dance specialist /Santa Fe

Credits include: Theater De Garage, The Netherlands; The United World College, USA, Fundamental Monodrama Festival, Luxembourg, Medrese Monodrama Festival, Turkey; De Balie, Amsterdam.

In the Lost and Found: Red Suitcase  حقيبه حمراء

“I was not always a woman, an Arab or a Muslim, these things only came in time, at first I thought I was just… insan: human.”

A daring socio-political commentary in the era of the Arab Spring. A woman’s journey through language, religion and the media, challenging the status quo, making new meaning and finding autonomy.

``A mesmerizing tour de force... moving and hilarious... powerful, sensual, satirical, sacred
revelations. The theatrical imagery in itself is mind-blowing - using nothing but light, color,
form, imagination.``

Karen Sunde, NYC-based Playwright.

``A theatrical performance that leaves the female victorious.``

Sawsan Mikhaal. AlGhad Newspaper, Jordan.

Winner of the 2011 Etel Adnan Award for Arab Women Playwrights, Red Suitcase has been translated into Polish and published in Dialog. It premiered in Jordan in March 2011. Credits include the Fundamental Monodrama Festival-Luxembourg; The Sharp Theatre-New York City; Dancing on the Edge festival-The Netherlands, International Women’s playwright Conference-Stockholm.

Dinner For Once

Lana’s first performance in Dutch, sharing the stage with Director and actor Cees Rullens, in a musical theatre performance, with original compositions by Nard Reiinders. A story about aging, love and loss, dreams and turning back time. Performed in theaters and on-location across Limburg, The Netherlands.

Live! From the Dead Sea

“If the Dead Sea could speak, what would it say?” A theatre and photographic project in collaboration with photographer and theater-maker Kristof Persyn.