The Dream Mapping Project [DMP]

The creative synergy of artists exploring immigrant themes and dreams started in New York in 2018 has continued and evolved. In January 2019, we began phase II with a working-retreat in Estecada-Oregon. This resulted in a 12 minute artistic film. Aside from playing a role in the dream-theater enactment and the video-performances, I had the pleasure and honor of synthesizing the group’s dreams into an audio narrative that underpinned the film, which was wonderfully curated and edited by Alisa Minyukova

DMP Phase II – Estecada- Oregon

 In June, DMP was seen and experienced at the International Association for the Study of Dreams conference in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. In the courtyard of the old monastery, we set up a canvas-tent that housed our immersive installation piece. We also did a pop-up performance. This has resulted in a bunch of great footage (and reactions) which will one day be incorporated into another filmic-experience.

From the IASD conference. 
Photos on this page by Anthony Bloxham.

The full length DMP film will be screened at the Fridman Gallery in NYC during their New Ear Festival – on 10th January 2020. Other screening and locations will be posted as they are booked.

Also at the Fridman Gallery in January: Presenting a new DMP theatrical experience, in collaboration with Jennifer Cabrera Fernandez, Alisa Minyukova and Kelly Bulkeley. It is still untitled, but for now, let’s just call it ‘Dreamablo.’   

The DMP promo video [with footage from phase1 in NYC]

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