Steps of Women

An improvised site-specific performance at Musuem Van Bommel Van Dam  during the group exposition ‘Odd Gaat Vreemd,’ on the 22nd of December 2019… in collaboration with artist/designer Mariëlle van der Schrier; a creative-maker of sustainable fashion and hats like you’ve never seen…. 

Having seen me perform, Mariëlle asked me in the autumn if I would like to dance wearing a skirt she had designed with Karin Kortenhorst. The skirts lends itself to movement and sound, she said.

I tried on the skirt and moved with it for a few minutes. I liked it. Afterwards, Mariëlle sent me her thoughts and description on the theme, Steps of Women… (here below in Dutch.) That was as far as it got qua preparation.

On the day of the performance, I arrived an hour earlier, took a stroll around the museum between the various works of local artists, drew out a ‘route’ for myself, and just went with it. 

It’s always a lot of fun to just jump in somewhere and see where it leads you. For me, the most important element about site specific improvisations is being present, open and playful. Interacting with the art and the space generates material, there is no need to think or rationalise. I let myself discover the works that called out to me…

Here below is a short film of some of what I did….

  • Special thanks to Ine van den Bercken – Jewellery designer and Grabe Bellel… friend and colleague, filming in the background.

“Hoor het geluid van de stappen van vrouwen
Stappen naar vrijheid, stappen naar zelfbeschikking,
stappen naar gelijkwaardigheid
Dans van bevrijding,
van voeten van vrouwen op aarde,
Steps of Women”
Mariëlle van der Schrier

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