The butterfly that persisted

An ode to nature... written for climate change theater action in 2019; performed in 24 cities across the world by a variety of individuals and groups, in theaters, universities and on-site; and published in the anthology 'Lighting the way' eds: Chantal Bilodeau & Thomas Peterson (2020.) Below is one of my audio narrations of the play. * Another version is on the podcast:

من غبار ألايام

MIN GHUBAAR AL AYYAM (from the dust of days) An Audio book of free verse - Arabic language. Written by my father, Ibrahim Nasser, published on paper in 1988. And as an mp3 in 2022 [Length: 55 minutes.] Here is a sample. ISBN: 978-90-831024-6-7

Dream Mapping Project

Segments from a collaborative art film of the Dream Mapping Project (Oregon 2019) in which I synthesised the artists’ dream narraritives in a spoken-word performance and participated in the film (I’m the one with the curly hair!) as well as at the live performance in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. 

Information about the Dream Mapping Project

حقيبة حمراء : في غرفة المفقودات

"In the Lost and Found," A monodrama I wrote and performed, that won the 2011 Etel Adnan Award for Arab women playwrights, and with which I toured internationally. It remains to be one of my favourites. Here are audio segment of how the play opens ... the Arabic and the English versions.

A video selection of performances

LIVE! from the dead sea

“If the Dead Sea could speak, what would it say?”

A theatre and photographic project in collaboration with photographer and theater-maker Kristof Persyn. (2011)

In the Lost and Found

“I was not always a woman, an Arab or a Muslim, these things only came in time, at first I thought I was just… insan: human.”

Language: English and/or Arabic.

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