I have always loved audio recording studio. The ‘dead-sound’ as they name it- was for me a sweet canvas. Never would I have thought that I would one day have my own little sound booth, which I built (or rather, my husband built it for me and I dressed it up with the isolation materials and curtains) to pursue a career as a voice over artist and narrator.

As for the podcasts, I started those as an opportunity to keep developing my audio-skills and be forced to learn audio-editing. Additionally, it felt like the perfect medium at this phase of my life – in which I have chosen somewhat of an isolated existence, to share my thoughts worldwide. Once I wanted to travel the world to perform on stages, now I want to stay on this land which I call my home. I simply love the fact that my voice can travel, so that I don’t have to.  Not to mention that with voice, it does not matter how you look like or what you are wearing. Freedom. 

I still need to get into a rhythm in terms of posting episodes…. it’s not like I have a shortage of things to say or that I’m not spending enough time in the studio. I’ve recorded much more than I have posted, but I am a twijfelkont as the Dutch would say… I keep doubting: Is it good enough, is it important, who wants to hear it anyway, and so on. But enough of that, and let the fun begin.