Community workshops and Training:
Lana has been designing and facilitating empowerment and creativity courses for more than ten years. She’s worked with diverse individuals and groups in Jordan and abroad; young and old, women and men. From refugee camps and Bedouin villages, to Social workers and International Human Rights Advocates, to young actors and university student. Her work incorporates various approaches, depending on the need and the setting.

References include: UNRWA, GIZ-Germany, Center for Victims of Torture, The Royal Film Commission, The United World College, and others.

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Untraditional choreography: introducing movement amongst theater groups of non-dancers and of all ages. Recent works include De Passiespelen – Tegelen, and De Mestreechter Operètte Vereiniging (2015-present.)

Dance Classes for Women and girls
Every now and then, Lana leads women workshops, with several titles over the years: Dance of the serpent, Dancing from the Inside-Out, Not-Belly Dance, The Path of Enchantment, Awakening the Sacred Feminine. The sessions utilize Middle Eastern dance, breathing exercises; visualization, goddess stories, and dream-work, towards self-awareness and body-intelligence, finding one’s natural inherent ability to move and discovering the joy of movement. Lana also gives private lessons for individuals (upon request.)

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Journey to Jordan:
Personalized and theme-based tours, visiting sacred sites and natural sites, working individually and as a group, using dance and mythology to bring a deeper understanding of self and a sense of joy and connection… to meet with the other and make peace.
(Per request and limited to 8 persons.)