“Dream is the personalized myth, myth the depersonalized dream..."

Joseph Campbell

When I was a child, I used to go to sleep with one main objective: to dream. More often than not, this is still the case. My earliest recollection of a dream was one in which I held on to my pillow and flew into the sky. The second one was a nightmare – an encounter with snakes. 
Snake dreams continued  to haunt me into adulthood. While studying dreams at JFK university, I started working with the symbol of the snake as it appeared in my dreams. I learnt how dreams can open a door into the psyche with potential for growth and healing. Synchronicities started to happen (in waking) and the snake transformed from a fearsome beast to a power animal (in both dreams and waking.) 

I’ve had the privilege over the years of studying and working with leading dream researchers, including Fariba Bogzaran, Jeremy Taylor, Kelly Bulkeley, Meredith Sabini. I learned about the intersection between dreams and shamanism. I attended several conference by the International Association for the Study of Dreams both as performer and as workshop facilitator.  

It was thanks to the enactment of a dream that I discovered my passion and my skill as dancer and theatermaker. My dreams continue to provide guidance and insight into my life, work and relationships. It is my intention to support others in understanding their dreams and be empowered by them. 

Dream Consultation

One-on-one sessions (in person or virtually) to work with you on a dream or a series of dreams.

You – the dreamer – are the authority on your dream. I am only a guide who will listen, ask questions and draw parallels to mythology to unlock the symbolism and gain an understanding of the message(s) in the dream. Guided visualisation, dream re-entry and embodiment could be used in the intervention. 

Contact me to inquire further. 

Dream Theater

The re-enactment of dreams is a powerful tool, both to generate theatrical material and gain a deeper understanding of dreams – individually and collectively. Dream theater is suitable for both amateur and professional performers, and for dreamers who are not performers but want to explore dreams in the language of theater.  

Having performed and directed several dream plays and lead workshops, I’ve developed a unique method of staging/embodying dreams. Most recently, I’ve brought this to the ‘Dream Mapping Project” which you can read about here

Dream theater is offered upon request for pre-formed groups (working in English, Arabic or Dutch) anywhere in the world. Contact me to discuss. 

Photos on this page by Kristof Persyn