From a well to a sacred circle of dance with Miriam

Mark your agenda: 20-24 July 2020. A 5-day Dance Art Sanctuary with Miriam Peretz. In a forest in the Netherlands.

The full info at the end. And here, the story of how we met.  

I first saw Miriam at her well in California. It was January 2009.  I fell in love immediately.  

“Miriam’s well” at Julia Morgan theatre: An Interfaith performance of Sacred Dance, Music, Poetry… The stories of Mary, Maryam and Miriam from the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish traditions, that illumine the commonalities and interconnections of the three faiths.

The performance took my breath away. And yet… it gave me breath. The dance was amazing, the music was Wow, and the theme… can’t get any better! Water that quenches the thirst.

I did what anyone in love does… I searched. And to my joy, she lived in Berkeley – as did I. I sent her an e-mail. We connected and met. From the first moment, it was clear… we were sisters in every way. Ukhti. Collaborating in the future was inevitable. 

In 2010, the opportunity came. I had already moved to Amman, but flew back to the Bay Area to join Miriam and her beautiful dancers and powerful Qadim ensemble  at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. I did the spoken word (6:33min+in demo).

The performance was divine. We wished it would keep repeating. But like everyone who’s ever produced  a large show knows, it’s not easy to travel with it. But perhaps that will change. This kind of work is needed. Artists are myth-makers, and we desperately need new stories to guide us into a future of light. 

Skip forward to NOW:

It is official, Miriam is coming to the Netherlands!

She will be leading a Dance Sanctuary in the serene Hof Van Axen, in a forest in Drenthe. A five day retreat into dance. Miriam will be joined by Reino Petra van der Velde, guardian of Nunqui soulcoaching, whom I have not yet met in the flesh, but whom I am sure is another family member. 

I will be at the Hof too. Miriam asked if I’d like to lead a workshop on one of the afternoons. Of course I said yes! And I cannot wait!

The dates of the Sanctuary are 27-31 July 2020 [Great weather in the Netherlands at that time!]

Web brochure and Registration information are HERE in English & in Dutch.  Event on FB here

Hope to see you in July,


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