Alignment & balance

In your body, your work, your life

Psycho-spiritual and somatic guidance.

It is only through personally experiencing a healing that we can bring it to others.
Two challenges have been with me throughout my life: Scoliosis (which I like to call a ‘spiraling spine’) and emotional vulnerability (which I often tried to suppress). I tried different methods to deal with these predicaments.  External remedies and interventions helped , but like all good interventions they had to come to an end and I had to learn how to heal myself.  

A lifelong practice of maintaining alignment and balance (inner and outer) has been my medicine. 

It begins with a good posture and a clear mind

You don’t have to have a serious medical condition to be out of alignment. The modern world with its too-long-cramped-in-a-seat behind a computer is enough to break the best body. Not to mention the emotional and psychological baggage we carry on our back, weighing us down and robbing us of the vital life force.  

The practice is about walking with grace
in harmony with nature and in everything that we do.

Focused training (yoga, dance, breathing and nature meditation) is an important component, but even more important is achieving balance as a permanent state of being.

It’s about dancing through life: while planting and weeding, cleaning, washing the dishes, carrying a baby or carrying barrels, cooking, chopping wood, standing behind a computer…. all the time. 

One-on-one sessions

The session are tailored to your needs. We begin with a half hour intake (in person or virtually) and if we find each other, we set the plan of action and discuss location and fees. 

The sessions could take place at Maskan Aat in the South of the Netherlands, where private  accommodations are available if you’re coming from out of the country. We could also conduct part of the sessions at your home/work place (this option includes helping you organise or rearrange your physical environment to support your inner and outer balance.)

You can find me through the contact page.