Doing theatre for about two decades; writing for as long as she can remember; dancing for even longer… she’s worn several hats… they could be summed up with ‘Storyteller.’

Passionate about language, she worked as a translator for several years (Arabic <> English.) Words and roots remain to be key elements in all her mischief: the written, the performed and the unspoken. Her work won her awards and took her to major theatres, universities and refugee camps in the Middle East, Europe and the United States. She performs and writes in English, Arabic and most recently, in Dutch.

The books that shaped her as a child were three: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, The Prophet by Khalil Jibran, and Dust of the Days (A poetry collection by her father.) A fourth might be Huston’s Smith: World Religions. As an adult, she enjoys reading fantasy and books with an index.

Her academic background is in Psychology and Fine Art (BA) and Consciousness studies and dreams (MA.) As an ethnographic researcher, she published on the Jinn, Arabic mythology, archetypes and dreams. Her lens is that of an eco-feminist.

Born and raised in Jordan, she pursued her education in the US and worked there, returning to her mother’s land fifteen years later. There, she co-founded “Aat Network” and directed Aat’s International Women’s Festival for the four foundational years. She created and programed shows and lead community workshops on gender equality/human rights and creative self-expression. She also led journeys for internationals to sacred sites, until a peace journey that got her into trouble – or out of it (a long story- coming soon in a book)

A global nomad until her mid thirties, she eventually planted her roots in Limburg. She devotes most of her time to writing, performing and occasionally giving workshops. Her inspiration comes from working in the forest and gardening, and from her human and animal family.


Lana Nasser

The feminine and masculine are out of balance. In this I see the roots of wars and violence: Against women, mother earth and nature. My mission is to restore the balance between the two, within myself and in the world around me, the best way I know how.

Giving voice to the unvoiced, awakening imagination, building bridging between people, transcending boundaries of language, culture, and punctuation, being a catalyst for change and a vehicle for peace … living free, with joy and integrity … this is what I aim to do.