Telling stories

on the page, the stage

& the sound waves

In English, Arabic & Dutch 

Transcending boundaries of culture, language and punctuation...

First was the word…
Then came the voice to bring it to life… to make it heard and understood. 

Voice actor & narrator

A deep and soulful female voice in 3 languages

More then twenty years of acting experience

Visit my studio & listen to some samples

My passion for language started very young, as did my love for reciting and acting [or ‘acting out’ if you ask my parents.] As a child(born and raised in Jordan) my read-along books (in English) were my most prized possession: abridged fairytales of Grimms, illustrated and narrated on tape (yes, I date back to prehistory, before audio could be filed and when a ‘walkman’ was Wow.)  They were the only items I took with me when I used to run away from home (or rather hide in the neighbours’ garden waiting for my mother to come out is tears-which she never did because the neighbour snitched and mother didn’t want to encourage such behaviour- and I’m drifting off… but I guess if you’ve read this far, you didn’t mind it too much.

our childhood holds clues to our path in life...

Perhaps it’s true… because here I am today, with my own studio. ready for the next recording. 

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Cross-disciplinary publications in three languages

My latest creation: a modern fable in Dutch

Een filosofisch dierenverhaal voor alle leeftijden. Een beschouwing op de multiculturele en multidimensionale samenleving door de ogen van een nieuwkomer, een kat

My dream practice represents the marriage of my academic/research background (BA Psychology & MA Consciousness studies) and my career as a multi disciplinary performing artist.  

Dream Theater: creative synthesis for groups

Dream consultation: symbolic & archetypal analysis for individuals

In undergraduate school, the Abnormal Psychology prof skipped over Jung and called him a ‘whack.’ Ten years later, at another university on the opposite side of the United States, I was reintroduced to the Swiss psychologist and Mar Von Franz and found complete sense in archetypal psychology. This, coupled with an active dreaming history and a long-standing interest in symbolism, led me to studying dreams and working with them creatively. 

I fell in love with bees. There’s no other way to describe it. It was never my intention. My husband and I had moved to a house in Limburg with a large piece of land. I had a green thumb and wanted take a permaculture course, but those were too far away and beyond my budget at the time. Beekeeping on the other hand was offered everywhere and cost very little, so why not. But the bees hijacked my heart and guided me in tending form them. Beekeeping did not only become my favourite activity, it became a school and a spiritual practice. And naturally call  for a new story to be written. But for’s that another chapter. You have to wait. I’ll be writing the book  with the bee season and it’s coming soon…. I CANNOT WAIT!) In the meantime, you can follow my journey with the bees and plants on instagram @ maskan.aat and soon on youtube.

Performing arts archive gallery:

Stay tuned... updating photos as we speak... but there's no hurry... 
because that's the past 
and iT's TiMe to look forward.